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We provide you with all clinical components for your medical technology innovation process for innovation evaluation, usability studies, benchmarking and AI innovations.

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About M3i GmbH

Who We Are

The M3i GmbH is an industry-in-clinic platform based at the Hospital of the University of Munich that has specialized on bringing medical expertise and clinical infrastructures into R&D of medical technology companies. Our customers are medical device manufacturers ranging from small and medium-sized companies to global players. We support our customers in applying for funding, accelerating and simplifying the integration of all clinical resources needed for product development and approval. For this purpose, we put together customized clinical expert panels, take care of the planning and implementation of usability and benchmarking studies and collect and process clinically relevant data.

Our Vision

Through framework agreements and structured processes with clinics, we simplify and accelerate access to clinical experts, clinical infrastructure and clinical data. In this way, we aim to improve patient care and the user-friendliness of products by increasingly involving clinical resources in the product development of medical devices together with our clients. The next generation of products will thus ensure real added value for the healthcare system.

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Experts panels for innovation evaluation

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Clinical resources for usability testing and benchmarking

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Digital Biobank

Clinical data for product development

M3i makes testing possible besides the clinical routine, since legal and financial matters are always compliant with our legal department. This allows doctors to concentrate fully on the trial, without any bureaucracy.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang BöckerSurgeon, Chairman of the Department of Trauma Surgery
Hospital of the University of Munich

With M3i I have the possibility to develop sustainable solutions for current problems in the treatment of patients. I also have an innovative sparring partner who connects me with the right industry partners for my innovative ideas.

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. mult. Konrad KarczHead of Minimally Invasive Surgery
Hospital of the University of Munich

I particularly like the fact that I am involved in projects that fit my medical specialty. This allows me to give optimal feedback.

Dr. Dr. Achim von BomhardSpecialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
University Hospital of the Technical University Munich (TUM)

I always like being advisory with projects from M3i. The insight into exciting projects is extremely interesting for me as a later user.

Prof. Dr. Joachim DissemondSpecialist in Dermatology and Venerology
University Hospital Essen

What clinical resources do you need for your project?

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more efficient process

save valuable resources during research and development

faster there

we speed up the lab to market time

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M3i serves as an intermediary to gather transparent and neutral clinical feedback

maximize usability, marketability & performance

through lead user input

full cycle support

turnkey services from ideation to market