We provide clinical expertise for your product innovation


When is it used

- A MedTech company has an idea for an innovation and wants to get the opinion of the user
- Getting an overview of the market potential of an innovation
- For evaluation of clinical use cases for a product idea

What you get out of it

- Product-Market Fit Evaluation
- Report with an overview of technical feasibility, clinical needs, user requirements and market potential to product innovations

Why is it so valuable to you

- Early involvement of a valuable number of end users in the development process from a single source
- For the quick compilation of a diversified expert panel from the clinical environment
- For each clinical application a tailored expert panel

How we do it

- A diversified clinical expert panel validates product innovation through a standardized procedure

What clinical resources do you need for your project?

Why you Will Benefit from InnoCheck

exclusive user feedback

through our network of clinical experts

more efficient process

save valuable resources during research and development

save time

quick access to clinical experts who fit to your project

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