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We provide clinical expert panels for R&D and market access

01. The challenge

Involving clinical experts in the R&D process is essential for a user-friendly product. However, this is often difficult in practice. Hurdles such as compliance and the high workload of clinical personnel often lead to discussions in a hurry and legal grey areas.

02. Our service

InnoCheck involves a large number of clinical experts in your product development. We also organize trials in a controlled clinical environment for you. This enables contact with lead users and simplifies market access.

03. Your benefits

A single contract enables the involvement of a large number of clinical experts. Convince lead users of your medical innovation and accelerate your market access. Avoid testing with clinical personnel in passing and conflicts regarding compliance.


of InnoCheck

in detail

Our service

  • User’s opinion on an innovation
  • Trials with lead users in a controlled clinical environment
  • Providing an overview of the market potential of an innovation
  • Identification of clinical use cases for a product idea

Results for you

  • Product-market fit evaluation
  • Report with an overview of technical feasibility, clinical requirements, application scenarios, user requirements and market potential for product innovations
  • Contacts to lead users
  • A single contract allows easy contact with countless clinical experts – avoid tedious individual visits to clinics

Your benefits

  • Inclusion of a valid number of end-users in the development process with a single contract
  • Compilation of a diversified expert panel from the clinical environment tailor-made for your project
  • Simplification and acceleration of market access through contacts to clinical users

What clinical resources do you need for your project?

Why you Will Benefit from InnoCheck

exclusive user feedback

through our network of clinical experts

efficient process

a single contract for the involvement of a large number of clinical experts

simplified market access

by testing the innovation with clinical experts


easy access to clinical resources through framework agreements

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