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Clinical Expertise for

MedTech Investors

Acceleration of due diligence. Skip all barriers to clinical resources and get support through seasoned clinical experts for your investment decision.

Why working with M3i?

Benefit from our strong network of clinical experts in a wide variety of fields. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of medical usability and innovation evaluation, we have the right clinical experts who will advise and support you in your investment project and due diligence.

Who is it for?

You’re planning to┬áinvestment in the medical sector and would like to incorporate the opinions of experienced end users into your decision? We would love to support you. Contact us!

What clinical resources do you need for your project?

Why you will love to work with us

acceleration of due dilligence

Avoid the tedious and time-consuming search for clinical experts by using our broad network instead.

exclusive user feedback

For every project a customized panel with a valid number of seasoned clinical experts. They will take there time to give comprehensive user feedback.


Product-market-fit assessment by clinical experts. Get an evaluation from experienced endusers.

3 simple steps to clinical resources

01. Tell us what you need

Which project are you working on? What clinical experts do you need? We are looking forward hearing from you!

02. Our work for you

We take every effort to evaluate the use cases and to put together the most suitable expert panel for your project. We provide you with what you need to make the best possible decision.

03. Results for your project

Avoid the tedious and time-consuming search for suitable clinical experts. Take your decision-making to another level by simply involving a valid number of end users into the process.

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Evaluation of Innovation has never been easier

For the user's integration we take every effort to reach into each corner of national clinics and beyond

What clinical resources do you need for your project?