Early stage feedback on concepts and prototypes

InnoCheck is our service package designed for the earlier stage of the development process. To avoid spending money into the wrong direction, InnoCheck can help you determine quickly and early on, whether

  • an idea has market potential at all
  • a concept is feasible the way envisioned (or needs radical changes)
  • a prototype (functional or non-functional) is going the right way

Early feedback helps accelerate the development process and reduce costs & risks


Through a panel of ca. 3-15 clinical experts - depending on the scale of the project - you receive feedback on feasibility, market potential, usability, possible medical and business risks associated with your product at this stage of the development process.


the InnoCheck evaluation process

Download our WhitePaper No.1 here to learn more about how the M3i industry-in-clinic-platform supports medical innovators in the product development process



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