Why Industry-in-Clinic-Services?

M3i is an Industry-in-Clinic-Platform, integrated into the clinical environment of the University Hospital of Munich. The idea behind the Industry-in-Clinic-Platforms concept is to offer pre-market services to promote a faster, more precise, more user- and application-oriented development process.

The legal foundation of this approach is the memo of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research from May 13th 2014 about the guideline to the measurements for "Set up of industry-in-clinic-platforms for the development of innovative medical products" [BAnz AT 22.05.2014 B3]. 


M3i's core competencies are focused on the platform's function as an accelerator and integrator. This means that "based on the technical feasibility of a product idea, the goal of an accelerated product development process in a clinical environment" is aimed for, as well as "the easier access of SME's as well as bigger mid-sized companies to preclinical and clinical testing infrastructures and  to accompanying clinical expertise" (ibid.). This is implemented through framework contracts between platform and clinics, through which industry partners get access to the desired expertise and infrastructures.  



M3i GmbH

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