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M3i – Demand-oriented and faster development of innovative medical devices

M3i is an industry-in-clinic platform, founded as an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Our mission is to enable a more demand-oriented and faster development of new medical devices by actively involving clinical experts in the product develop-ment process.

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Typical tasks to be performed by the experts

Typical tasks of the test persons are the completion of online questionnaires, participation in tele-phone interviews (by telephone or video conference) and participation in usability tests in the USA, Switzerland and EU. The time required is between half an hour and two hours and is performed outside of working hours. The service will be remunerated appropriately. In order to conduct the exchange with M3i in a compliant manner, an NDA is signed between M3i and the experts.

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What You Can Expect

Current project

In the next project an innovative infusion and syringe pump is being developed by a well-known manufacturer. For the testing of a first online click dummy, we need nurses, anesthesiologist and paramedics.

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