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We provide clinical
resources for Usability Testing

Easily integrate a valid number of clinical test subjects, such as doctors, nurses and patients into your usability project and get everything else you need for your realistic test environment, with only one contract.

Why working with M3i?

M3i simplifies and accelerates access to clinical resources. We guarantee an uncomplicated compilation of tailor-made expert panels for your specific usability testing project through framework agreements with various clinics.

Who is it for?

Your company does professional usability testing in the MedTech sector or has its own usability department? Lets work together for more user-friendly innovations!

What clinical resources do you need for your project?

Why you will love to work with us

more efficient process

We identify the appropriate clinical subjects, the optimal test environment and the right test setup and incorporate everything agile into your usability process.

faster there

Thanks to our wide network of hospitals, you can save valuable time in integrating clinical resources into your usability testing.

customized expert panels

For every project a customized panel with a valid number of clinical experts. They will take there time to give comprehensive user feedback.

3 simple steps to clinical resources

01. Tell us what you need

You are searching for use cases for your Usability testing? You need clinical subjects (physicians, nurses, patients)? You want a realistic test environment? Contact us.

02. Our work for you

We take every effort to evaluate the use cases, to put together an expert panel and a realistic test environment tailored to your project in order to be able to collect optimum user feedback.

03. Results for your project

Avoid the tedious and time-consuming search for suitable clinical volunteers. With one single contract you are able to integrate a valid number of experts into your usability process.

What clinical resources do you need for your project?