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The right clinical expertise and resources for every stage of the process


Our service package for early stage resources


Immersive product testing for safety, usability and function


The ‘Medical One Stop Shop’ for all additional services: regulatory affairs, IP consulting and more

Our Software Solutions for Medical Innovators

Customized Software for the Needs of the Medical Sector

In collaboration with our partners we developed software applications to accelerate innovation processes.


BlockMed ist our Data Security and Data Management solution for the medical sector. Control access and authority over your data.


A machine learning- based signal processing environment, which can be adapted for various pattern recognition applications.

Evolunis Reporting Suite

Customized Solutions for Cardiovascular Radiology Reporting.


What has M3i been up to lately?

M3i joins MT Connect 2018

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M3i will be present at the MT Connect 2018 in Nürnberg. If you participate in this year's MT Connect as well, let us know at contact@m3i-muenchen.de, we are looking forward…

M3i and Munich Innovation Labs co-publish study on Vibroarthography with clinical partners

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M3i and its partners, Munich Innovation Labs and the Munich University Hospital are excited to announce the publication of their first co-authored article, “Vibroarthrography for early detection of knee osteoarthritis…

M3i receives support from government and Industry-in-Clinic-Platform Initiative

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M3i has officially been awarded as the winner of the German Federal Government’s Industry-in-Clinic National Initiative in 2016.

How it works

The Product Development Process enhanced with Clinical Resources

Step 1: Assessing your Goals and Needs

Our clients seek feedback from clinicians for many reasons: to enhance usability, to learn how to integrate the product into the various systems and workflows in different clinics, to broaden the range of use cases and types of procedures the product may be applied for, to name a few examples. When you approach us with your innovation project, we will start with a conversation about your project and what clinical services you might benefit from.

Step 2: InnoCheck - Validating your Innovation

No matter at what stage of development your project is, our clinical experts will provide you with an evaluation of clinical use, technical viability, market-readiness. Through a series of iterations, we guide you towards a proof-of-concept and prepare you for the next steps to turn your idea into a marketable product.

Step 3: SimOP - Testing your Prototype in our Simulation Lab

In the dry lab, a rapid 3D print of your product gets assessed by a panel of experts. This process creates a lot of valuable feedback for further improvement already. Next, a fully functioning prototype gets tested in the wet lab. Simulating a series of use cases, this process reveals potential to maximize performance, usability and marketability of your innovation.

Step 4: MedOSS - The Medical One Stop Shop for the ultimate Turnkey Experience

Once a proof-of-concept has been achieved and several successful simulations have been conducted (e.g. on model organisms), clinical evidence is collected. The product gets tested in a clinical environment to ensure it meets the criteria it was intended to meet (e.g. ‘reduces post-surgical hospitalization time by an average of 2 days’).

Step 5: Preparation for Market Readiness

Your innovation is moving closer to market readiness, but a long list of factors needs to be taken care of: securing your innovation with a proper patent strategy, making sure it meets regulatory requirements and is reimbursable by insurances. Through strategic partnerships, we have a team of experts at our hands to bridge this gap, too.

What clinical resources do you need for your project?


How much does your service cost?

We always commit to delivering high quality services to our clients. Regarding remuneration, there are several options available, depending a lot on the type of project. We suggest getting in touch with us to figure out what kind of cooperation would work best for you.

Are you a government agency?

No, we are a registered private company.

What is your specialization?

We work with clients across all clinical departments. From neurology to cardiology to orthopaedic surgery and laparoscopy, we are involved in projects in all areas of medical technology.

Do you only work with clients in Germany? Or also abroad?

We are happy to serve clients worldwide.

What is the benefit of working with an Industry-in-Clinic Platform? We have always worked without one.

With an Industry-in-Clinic Platform as a partner, your product innovation process will be more efficient, less time-consuming and more likely to result in a product that features maximal performance and marketability.

What is the difference between an Industry-in-Clinic Platform and a clinical research organisation (CRO)?

Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) specialize in just that: Performing clinical research on a contractual basis. An Industry-in-Clinic Platform has a more holistic view on the whole innovation process, serving as an R&D partner who provides consulting and services for every stage of the process, from ideation to market entry. Bringing a clinical research organization on board can sometimes be part of this, e.g. when extensive testing is needed. But while the CRO might deliver good results in this respect, they do not worry about the concerns surrounding your project: the viability of your idea, the role of your innovation on the market, product usability or taking upcoming changes and trends in your main market segments into consideration already during the development process. Those, however, are all hallmark features of an Industry-in-Clinic Platform.

Do you only work with Universities in Munich?

While the University Hospital of Munich is an important partner, they are by no means the only clinical resource we have available for you. Our network includes doctors and clinics across Germany and beyond and new connections are constantly growing our pool of experts.

Further questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch:

6 ways you will benefit from a collaboration

more efficient process

save valuable resources during research and development

faster there

we speed up the lab to market time

exclusive user feedback

through our network of clinical experts


M3i serves as an intermediary to gather transparent and neutral clinical feedback

maximize usability, marketability & performance

through lead user input

full cycle support

turnkey services from ideation to market

White Papers

Thought Leadership & Industry Insights

M3i White Paper #1: Who we are and what we do

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In the first edition of our White Paper Series, we give a brief overview of what we do. Download your free copy here:

M3i receives support by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research.