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M3i – All clinical components

for development and approval

By providing clinical experts, a realistic test environment and test setup and clinical data quickly and easily, we help medical device manufacturers and distributors with development and approval.

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All clinical components for your needs on one platform

Easy and quick access – clinical experts, realistic test environments, clinical data

Through framework agreements, we have access to a large number of clinical experts from a variety of disciplines, the realistic test environment, the appropriate test setup and relevant clinical data, which we can integrate into your project within a short time. We are constantly expanding our network:




clinical experts


different medical disciplines

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Usability - Efficient and successful

We deliver all clinical components for a smooth innovation and approval process in the area of usability, benchmarking and more.

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Clinical data - High quality &
GDPR compliant

Through clinical experts quality-assured and annotated clinical data for your product development.

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We bring user involvement to the next level

Whether in proving usability for marketing authorization, striving for innovation leadership, developing AI-based innovations, or simply in the search for new innovative product ideas - clinical experts are essential for a successful implementation in medical technology. We involve experts that are suitable for your project.

Adjusted to your needs

Our modular services allow us to adapt optimally to your needs.

Customized expert panels

We integrate a wide range of KOL's into your project.

One contract for everything

No waiting in the hospital, no time consuming search for contact persons. We integrate all clinical components for you.