We provide clinical resources for the MedTech industry

M3i is Germany's largest Industry-in-Clinic Platform

Our Mission

Our goal is to simplify and accelerate the involvement of clinical users in the product development of the MedTech industry and in the due diligence of MedTech investors

For MedTech Companies

For your product development process from idea to market

For MedTech Investors

For your portfolio company or commercial due diligence

What our Clients Say About M3i

From the idea to product approval, we receive the required preclinical and clinical studies from a single source.

Frank ReinauerHead of Production and Innovations Biomaterials
Karl Leibinger Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG

With M3i, we can access a broad network of clinical experts in a short time and with low organizational overhead. We plan to further expand our collaboration in the future.

Dr. Jörg UhdeHead of the spinal development department
Brainlab AG

With the inclusion of a large and diversified number of clinical experts during the product development phase, M3i sets new standards.

James BergeProduct Manager

M3i Services for MedTech Companies


Clinical expert panel for the early design phase


Immersive product testing environment for safety, usability and functionality

Digital Biobank

Clinical data for your product development and the development of AI-based innovations

Clinical Study Center

Access to clinics for your clinical trial

How it works

Clinical expertise for every phase of your product development

Our service InnoCheck - phase 1:

Validation of the innovation

A clinical expert panel, which is specifically selected from our interdisciplinary network of experts for your project, validates the market potential, clinical usability and possible application scenarios for your innovation.

Our service SimOP - phase 2:

Evaluation of usability

Clinical experts determine the usability of the innovation under realistic environmental conditions - Summative and Formative Usability.

Our service Digital Biobank - phase 3:

Clinical data for your product development

We will identify and connect suitable data centres for your project. Furthermore, there is the possibility of quality assurance and annotation of the data by our clinical experts for applications in the field of machine learning.

Our service Clinical Study Center - phase 4:

Clinical studies for your product innovation

From test tubes to animal models and patient studies - we identify the appropriate study centers and integrate them into your processes.

What clinical resources do you need for your project?

6 Ways you Will Benefit from a Collaboration

more efficient process

save valuable resources during research and development

faster there

we speed up the lab to market time

exclusive user feedback

through our network of clinical experts


M3i serves as an intermediary to gather transparent and neutral clinical feedback

maximize usability, marketability & performance

through lead user input

full cycle support

turnkey services from ideation to market

M3i Services for MedTech Investors

Our Service:


A customized clinical expert panel supports your investment decision

3 Ways you Will Benefit from a Collaboration

exclusive user feedback

through our network of clinical experts

tailored expert panel

for each case a tailored expert panel


assessment by clinical experts

What clinical resources do you need for your project?


How much does your service cost?

We are committed to delivering high quality services to our clients. Regarding remuneration, there are several options available, depending on the type of project. Please get in touch with us to determine which kind of cooperation works best for the project at hand.

Is M3i a government body?

No, we are a registered private company.

What is your specialization?

We work with clients across all clinical departments. From neurology to cardiology to orthopaedic surgery and laparoscopy, we are involved in projects in all areas of medical technology.

Do you only work with clients in Germany? Or also abroad?

We are happy to serve clients worldwide.

What is the benefit of working with an Industry-in-Clinic Platform? We have always worked without one.

With M3i as a partner and point of contact, you will have consolidated access to medical professionals at the University of Munich and beyond, making your product innovation process more efficient, less time-consuming and more likely to result in a product that features maximal performance and marketability.

What is the difference between an Industry-in-Clinic Platform and a clinical research organisation (CRO)?

Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) specialize in performing clinical research on a contractual basis. In contrast, M3i is your partner during the whole innovation process. We serve  as your R&D partner, providing consulting services for every stage of the innovation process, from ideation to market entry. Bringing a clinical research organization on board can be part of this process when extensive testing is needed. While a CRO might deliver good results in this respect, it is typically not concerned with the market surroundings of your project: the viability of the idea, the role of your innovation in the market, the product usability or taking upcoming changes and trends in your main market segments into consideration. These are hallmark features of an Industry-in-Clinic Platform.

Do you only work with Universities in Munich?

While the University Hospital of Munich is an important partner, it is by no means the only clinical resource we will make available for you. Our network includes clinics and doctors across Germany and beyond. New collaborations are constantly increasing our pool of experts.

What kind of companies do you work with?

Our clients are medical technology developers and distributors of any size, from SMEs to corporations.


What has M3i been up to lately?

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M3i und Ernst & Young present “Pulse of the Industry” event, 10/22/18, Munich

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M3i research project VibroSuite to be presented at CAOS 2018 in Beijing

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We are excited to announce that VibroSuite, one of our recent research projects, has been accepted as a contribution at this year's CAOS International Conference in Beijing. Nima Befrui of LMU…

White Papers

Thought Leadership & Industry Insights

M3i White Paper #1: Who we are and what we do

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In the first edition of our White Paper Series, we give a brief overview of what we do. Download your free copy here:

M3i White Paper #2: Accelerating product development with clinical experts

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