How can a successful MDR compliant formative usability evaluation in medical technology be practically designed along the development process? As part of a study conducted by EIZO GmbH in collaboration with the M3i Industry-in-Clinic Platform in 2018 and 2019, the intuitive operation of the EIZO software Caliop and the Surgical Panel from the CuratOR product portfolio was put to the test. Through  M3i, 26 clinical experts from 7 hospitals were included in  the usability study. The results are now summarized in a whitepaper and show how valuable structured usability evaluations can be. Download the whitepaper here for free!

Contents of the white paper

Scope and setup of the user tests

  • Details of the study environment and setup
  • The exact participant profile of the probands
  • Methods of data collection

Evaluation and summary of the results

  • Tasks of the probands
  • Evaluation methods

Download whitepaper now for free!

Practical example of MDR-compliant formative usability testing.

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<b>Best practice example for MDR-compliant usability evaluation:</b><br>User study to verify a video management system of EIZO GmbH. 1

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