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Clinical expertise for medical AI

Proven medical AI development processes.

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MxDB Digital Biobank

Passionate about outstanding medical AI

Enable the full potential of AI in healthcare through a structured development process from clinical data acquisition to regulatory approval. We offer “gold standard” training datasets, high-quality annotations and feedback of clinical experts for the development and approval of AI-based medical technology.


MxDB Advisory

Benefit from proven processes that we implemented successfully in various projects:

  • FDA and MDR regulatory best practices for market approval
  • Best practice for medical AI development, verification and validation
  • Technical and clinical know-how for a successful implementation of AI in the clinical workflow
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Advisory & Solution
for AI development and approval

MxDB Solution

We provide support throughout the entire process of idea generation, development, validation and approval:

  • Acquisition of clinical data for training of medical AI
  • Ground truthing and annotations for validation and approval of medical AI
  • Ensuring regulatory approval and clinical evidence by clinical performance testing
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Our Services

For high quality clinical data,

better medical AI

and accelerated time-to-market

Clinical Workflow Analysis

Expert evaluation of the common clinical workflow (best practice)

Clinical Use Case Analysis

Testing of the planned clinical use case to optimize the standard of care

Integrating clinical data centers

Framework contracts enable data access

Acquisition of the clinical raw data

Ensure fast and reliable data exchange

Creating Annotation Guidelines

Standardizing clinical training data

Annotating Clinical Data

M3i ensures “gold standard” annotation with clinical experts

Data Quality Management

Highest quality through controlled processes

Validation & Approval

Ensure regulatory approval and clinical evidence by clinical performance testing

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Benefit from proven medical AI development processes!

We need a reliable partner who can provide us with clinical data in an ethical and legally compliant manner. We have found this partner in M3i.

Andreas GieseManaging Director, Snke OS

Case Study

AI-assisted spine surgery planning

The TRANSITION project is a collaboration between Brainlab AG and M3i. In the project, we are developing a software for the automated 3D-planning of dorsally instrumented surgeries on the spinal column in all sections. This software provides essential information about the individual patient anatomy. After learning from experts and gold standards, the software is able to automatically – without manual planning of the physician –  suggest improvements of the trajectory and to choose the best type of implant. Patients benefit from shorter surgery times and a reduction of intraoperative X-ray radiation, which is also beneficial for the medical team.

The role of M3i in the project:

  • quality checking, annotating and segmenting clinical data (25.000 labels)
  • validating the algorithm with clinical experts
  • optimizing its user-friendliness

Case Study

Improving tumor detection through AI-assisted confocal microscopy

The KONFIDENT project aims to reduce the adoption barriers for using confocal microscopy during tumour surgeries where skin tissue is removed. Currently, providing feedback of the pathologist to the surgeon takes from a few hours to several days. During this time, the patients surgical wounds cannot be closed. Multiple surgeries to remove the malignant skin tissue completely are necessary. With the help of AI, both the in-vivo and ex-vivo tissue analysis can be augmented and surgeons can more precisely define the tissue that needs to be removed during the surgery.

M3i’s role in the joint project with Vivascope, Munich Innovation Labs and Heidelberg University Hospital:

  • quality checking, anonymizing, and annotating and segmenting clinical data
  • enabling data exchange between hospitals and industry partners
  • validating research results in other clinics
  • perform realistic usability evaluations for regulatory approval of the AI

Case Study

Intelligent solution for structured medical reporting

In the KI-BETA project, an existing intelligent solution for structured medical reporting will be further developed. The first version of the platform helps radiologists to produce high-quality guideline-compliant reports. The aim is to extend the platform, so it can be used for joint radiological-histological findings in a structured way. With the help of AI algorithms, the radiological and histological images could be analysed (semi-)automatically. This increases the efficiency and quality, and thereby improves the treatment of patients.

M3i’s role in the joint project with Smart Reporting:

  • quality checking, anonymizing, and annotating and segmenting clinical data
  • validation of the developed algorithm by our broad network of clinical experts
  • contribute with expertise about machine learning and knowledge on efficient and legally compliant development
  • realistic usability evaluation with eye tracking

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The development of data-based medical device algorithms can be extremely challenging. Discuss your project with us and see how we can support your development processes.

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Benefit from proven medical AI development processes.

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