Digital Biobank

We collect clinical data for your product development and the development of AI-based innovations


When is it used

- For projects with high demand of high-quality clinical data
- For connecting multiple data centers
- To avoid compliance issues with sensitive, patient-related data

What you get out of it

- Suitable data records for your product application
- Anonymized, quality-assured and possibly annotated data records

Why is it so valuable to you

- Connection of suitable data centers and quality assurance from a single source
- Quality assurance and annotation by clinical experts
- M3i as a neutral entity to avoid compliance issues

How we do it

- Identification and connection of suitable data centers by M3i
- Quality assurance and anonymization of the data
- Preparation and evaluation by experts
- Delivery of processed data

M3i is an optimal partner for the training of our algorithms for the automation of work steps in surgical navigation. In organizing specific anonymized patient data for algorithm training, including quality control, we can rely on the support of our partner M3i, especially with regard to compliance with legal requirements. We plan to further expand our collaboration in the future.

Dr. Jörg UhdeHead of the spinal development department
Brainlab AG

What clinical resources do you need for your project?

Why you Will Benefit from Digital Biobank

single source

quality assurance and connection of suitable data centers from a single source

neutral data mediator

avoid compliance issues

quality assurance

through clinical experts

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