UsabilityPLUS M3i

Usability as a factor for success in innovation and approval

By providing all necessary clinical components for user-driven development and testing, we support medical device manufacturers and marketers in the innovation process and approval.

Advantages for your medical device:

High practical relevance

by involving representative clinical expert panels.

Efficient approval

by having access to all required components with a single contract.

Low error potential

through early and iterative integration of clinical experts.

Solid marketing

through measurable and reproducible benchmarking and testimonials.


Next Level Usability: One contract – Everything you need

Clinical expert panels, realistic test environment and test setup for idea workshops, formative, summative evaluations, benchmarking, publications or for marketing purposes. Get access to:




clinical experts


different medical disciplines

What our Clinical Experts Say About M3i

What our Clients Say About M3i

“With M3i, we can access a broad network of clinical experts in a short time and with low organizational overhead. We plan to further expand our collaboration in the future.”

Dr. Jörg UhdeHead of the spinal development departmentBrainlab AG

“By working with M3i, we were able to involve a large and diversified number of clinical experts in the product development phase.”

James BergeProduct ManagerEIZO GmbH

UsabilityPLUS: The Modules

Formative testing

Idea workshops, expert interviews and early trials to exploit potentials and prevent mistakes.

Summative testing

MDR-compliant organization, implementation and evaluation. Everything in accordance with your usability file. Access to one of the most modern simulation centers in Europe.


Comparison with competing products in clinical use. Emphasis on market leadership.

Scientific publication

Scientific publications by KOL's about your products.

Health economic analysis

Verification and adjustment of the economic effectiveness.


Meaningful and well-founded marketing through measurable and reproducible benchmarking and statements from KOL's.

Special aspects of UsabilityPLUS

Efficient integration of clinical components in development, approval and marketing with a single contract

All clinical components for development, approval (proof of usability) and marketing. 

Broad network of experts & hospitals

Efficient integration of clinical experts (doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, IT administrators, patients, etc.) suitable for your project.

Realistic test environment

Realistic testing in one of the most modern simulation operating rooms in Europe with a realistic test setup. Also mobile test setup possible. 


All final reports matching your usability file. 

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